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Baby Ammon: A Birth Story

This was my first time shooting a home birth. What an amazing experience.

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Chatterton Family

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5 going on 15

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Our Valentine’s Day Winner: The Beautiful, Calista!


The Mrs. Hargett

Baby Erik: A Birth Story

A story that didn’t go as expected, but ended with a healthy and beautiful baby boy.


(I need to give credit to dad and nurse for taking pictures in the operating room.)


Kolby and Lindsey are getting married!!

These two are incredibly adorable. Don’t you think? I can’t wait to see them as cute marrieds!

Kate’s Senior Portraits

This girly is a blast.

Adrienne Ever “After”

This lady is amazing. She runs her own business, is a full-time mom to seven kids, and has recently started health coaching. And, she’s just one cool lady. Here are some of her “after” pictures. Find her on Facebook to see her “before” picture ( And if you are interested in the same amazing results, check her out at

If you have discovered a “new you,” celebrate with a beauty session! Contact us for more info.

Kristen’s Beauty Session