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Those Eyes

And we thought our daughter had big brown eyes…

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We did some product shots for Stitcheroos, a local online company. It was a bit of a mental challenge to emphasize the clothing when we are used to focusing on the kids’ personalities. If you want to see more detailed shots, check out Stitcheroos website. Buy something while you’re there; their products really are adorable.

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Bundle of Baby

This little guy was so adorable in his cocoon. He slept like a rock for most of the shoot.

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Do you smoke?

Recently, most of our shooting has been portraits, but we do occasionally venture out and shoot other things…one of those is smoke. Creating pictures from incense smoke is so much fun, and it makes your house smell good. It’s so amazing to me how something like this…

…can become this…

Here are a few others we have done…

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Hidden Camera

Our favorite type of pictures are the ones made when the subject doesn’t know we are shooting… it’s the moments in between the “picture”, moments the subject forgets about the camera, or the moments the subject doesn’t even know the camera exists. (We aren’t creepy stalkers.)

It’s hard to get adults to forget about the camera, that’s one thing that makes shooting kids so much fun.

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Give a boy a suitcase…

We were doing a photo shoot by a train, and decided to bring a little thrift store suitcase along for the ride. Once the boys got a hold of it, we could have shot them for hours. It’s amazing what a little prop and the imagination of a 4yr old can create.

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White Seamless

After watching a class by Zack Arias, we were inspired to try white seamless. We set up a roll of paper and have had a blast with it. We’ve dabbled in the gray zone, but have spent most of our time blowing to white. Here are a couple of our favorites…

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